The market is ready and very dynamic. Companies are looking for customized, integrated security solutions for their business. Awareness is growing following many publicized attacks by hackers. Customers are looking for contacts and expertise. Pan European and across all sectors. They want interdisciplinary dialog platforms with a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity.

Peter Driessen

“Companies should pay much more attention to their cybersecurity. However this poses a complex challenge for which they need support and networking. This is exactly where the Command Control steps in: decision makers have the ideal opportunity to find information on cybersecurity in a competent and compact way, making their company safer. I am also very happy about the fact that with the Command Control, Munich gets a flagship event on cybersecurity.”

Peter Driessen, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria (IHK)

Andreas Eiba

“Europe has not had a platform for exchange aimed at CISOs, especially not in the energy industry, until now. I am happy to see an exchange of best practices, for example on the issue of how other companies handle their risk management or which consultants are available for collaboration."

Andreas Eiba, information security officer, Stadtwerke München GmbH

Marc Bernath

“Cybersecurity brought to life! Not only for security experts but for management. Excellent concept! I would like to see providers who can regularly screen our entire organisation and show us a risk radar and security tools that enable us to secure all of our cloud solutions."

Marc Bernath, Managing Director, Wendero GmbH

Wolfgang Schäffler

“The topic of data protection is immensely important to us due to the myriad of sensitive customer data. Unfortunately, there is still to little awareness of security when it comes to outsourcing and transferring data. I would like to attend Command Control with our legal department because we aren't yet speaking the same languages!"

Wolfgang Schäffler, CIO working in the insurance industry

Jürgen Müller

“I like that this topic is not depicted from a perspective of negative fearmongering and threatening scenarios. I think it's much more important to discuss: What is the real threat to our company? Which threatening scenarios have priority? Which information in particular should we protect?"

Jürgen Müller, CEO at a medium-sized service company

Michael Both

“After we were affected ourselves, our Board of Directors realised that cybersecurity was no longer just a discussion point. We performed a social engineering assessment as a result of the incident. In real life, departments often work against each other when it comes to security, so I think its's great that Command Control unites various parties."

Michael Both, CISO at a financial service provider

Petra Herrmann

“It is my task to check that cloud providers properly store our data, but I find it hard to picture that technology behind it. The approach of visualising complex concepts in cybersecurity as themed worlds is the main added value as far as I'm concerned."

Petra Herrmann, data security officer at an international service company.