Discover how
cybersecurity has become
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September 20–22, 2018
ICM – Internationales Congress Center München
The Leading Summit for Cyber Security

Protect. Perform. Proceed.

A unique event format showcases cybersecurity from a completely new perspective. Every visitor is an active participant, and the event focuses on interaction and exchange. After all, in the business world information security only works when departments collaborate and CEOs, CISOs, IT managers and staff working at operational level – from product managers to production managers right through to legal experts – openly communicate with one another.

Exciting talks, forums, networking events, workshops and interactive installations provide the basis for cross-sector and cross-departmental exchange and bring connections to life. Digitalisation is a major opportunity for companies. But its full potential can only be unlocked when information and IT security are guaranteed.

More on the summit

A summit that connects people

Command Control does not just bring together IT experts and security specialists, it is explicitly aimed at all relevant decision makers in the company. Our broad mix of event formats meets a wide array of needs and aims. It is the perfect way to prepare for important corporate decisions.


Extensive insights

Five focal points showcase the topic of cybersecurity in all of its facets and highlight how information security can give you the competitive edge.

Data Protection

Whether you are dealing with customer details or company data, expertise or innovation – how can companies effectively protect your information?

The Human Factor

Cybersecurity at work and home – the focus here is on one of the major determining factors: humans.

Legal Landscape

Data security and legal regulations: a seemingly unclear and constantly changing field. A number of showcases create clarity.


Modern life depends on the synergy of all kinds of technical systems. How are they interconnected? How can they be protected?


Where are industrial manufacturing processes particularly vulnerable? An accessible production line shows where the weak points are, but above all how these points can be protected.


“Europe has not had a platform for exchange aimed at CISOs, especially not in the energy industry, until now. I am happy to see an exchange of best practices, for example on the issue of how other companies handle their risk management or which consultants are available for collaboration.”

Andreas Eiba, information security officer, Stadtwerke München GmbH

“Cybersecurity brought to life! Not only for security experts but for management. Excellent concept! I would like to see providers who can regularly screen our entire organisation and show us a risk radar and security tools that enable us to secure all of our cloud solutions.”

Marc Bernath, Managing Director, Wendero GmbH

“I like that this topic is not depicted from a perspective of negative fearmongering and threatening scenarios. I think it’s much more important to discuss: What is the real threat to our company? Which threatening scenarios have priority? Which information in particular should we protect?”

Jürgen Müller, CEO at a medium-sized service company

“The topic of data protection is immensely important to us due to the myriad of sensitive customer data. Unfortunately, there is still too little awareness of security when it comes to outsourcing and transferring data. I would like to attend Command Control with our legal department because we aren’t yet speaking the same language!”

Wolfgang Schäffler, CIO working in the insurance industry

“After we were affected ourselves, our Board of Directors realised that cybersecurity was no longer just a discussion point. We performed a social engineering assessment as a result of the incident. In real life, departments often work against each other when it comes to security, so I think it’s great that Command Control unites various parties.”

Michael Both, CISO at a financial service provider

“It is my task to check that cloud providers properly store our data, but I find it hard to picture the technology behind it. The approach of visualising complex concepts in cybersecurity as themed worlds is the main added value as far as I’m concerned.”

Petra Herrmann, data security officer at an international service company

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5 good reasons

Cybersecurity: no longer just an IT issue

Command Control sees cybersecurity as a job for the whole company. The summit is aimed at IT and security experts as well as management and staff working at operational level. Networking and exchange between departments are core elements throughout the summit.

Relevant to many industries

Cybersecurity plays an important role in every company that has gone digital. So we aim to relate to a wide range of industries, from manufacturing right through to digital commerce. As the first platform in Europe, the summit also promotes a trustworthy, cross-sector exchange of best practices.

Share knowledge to double your advantage

The entire event programme offers plenty of opportunities to swap ideas with peers and experts and expand your network. Alongside participatory events and workshops, this includes targeted peer-to-peer events in separate networking areas.

Solutions over theory

Security topics are not just discussed here; all events at the summit aim to bring about precise action. The focus is on how you can implement knowledge gained in your own company and how to make the right decisions.

Security as an opportunity

Security takes top priority in the digital world. But unfortunately, many companies still see it as an obstacle. In this day and age, when companies, their partners and customers are more and more closely networked, cybersecurity can become a major advantage – not just to secure company values but to enhance your competitive edge.

Event programme

Experience cybersecurity

Exciting content is just the beginning: showcases, talks, forums, networking events, installations, workshops or peer-to-peer sessions shed light on cybersecurity from a wide range of perspectives. The formats, which are mainly interactive, enable every visitor to gain maximum insight into the topic.

Discover the event programme

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Find out how cybersecurity can become a growth lever for your company and how you can fully exploit the opportunities that digitalisation affords
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Unlock the potential of a summit that has become a meeting place for information security and IT experts and all decision makers involved in the company’s digitalisation. A wide range of industries from all over Europe will be gathered in the digitalisation hub of Munich on the same dates. You can swap ideas with users directly and receive first-hand impressions of important needs and challenges.

As a Command Control partner, you and your company can actively participate in a number of ways:

  • The main way to get involved is through the showcases on the five focal points. You will get the opportunity to present your solutions in a highly relevant setting with a practical context. Attacks and security solutions will be visualised in the specific showcases so that the perfect defence strategies can be developed.
  • You can also provide content for the best practice workshops, where solutions providers and consultancy companies present their knowledge alongside specific use cases for a certain target group.

Get involved with the content: do you know somebody who can make a contribution to the key topics or do you have interesting use cases and new solutions? Talk to us about presenting in our best practice workshops! We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Are you really new to the market? We know it is challenging trying to win over the security community with your fantastic ideas when you are on a tight budget. But we have some offers that may interest you.


Visit Command Control 2018!

Find out how cybersecurity can become a growth lever for your company and how you can fully exploit the opportunities that digitalisation affords! Command Control is an interactive event concept with plenty of opportunities for advanced training and business-related solutions. The content provided via this event will help you to prepare for important business decisions.

Who can attend?
From CEOs to legal experts, the summit is designed for people who want to take the information security in their company to the next level. A wide range of event programme formats is available depending on your level of knowledge and specialist field.

The vast amount of industries present at Command Control is another plus. The exchange across a wide range of industries gives all attendees unique insights and food for thought.

Visitors from all over Europe are invited to the summit, so the entire event will be conducted in English.

  • Managing Directors / CEOs
  • CIOs / IT managers
  • CISOs / information security officers
  • Production managers
  • Product managers
  • Security experts / data protection officers
  • Consultants / lawyers / authorities
Relevant industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Finance and the insurance industry
  • The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Energy providers
  • Information and communication
  • Public administration, defence
  • Healthcare
  • Transport
  • Consultation