Critical Infrastructures: Data security, risk management, awareness and legal

Theme Critical Infrastructure

Visitors to the Critical Infrastructures Theme World at the Cyber Security Summit Command Control from September 20 to 22, 2018 in Munich had the opportunity to listen to keynote speeches by international progressive thinkers, high-caliber best practice panels, exciting podium discussions and in-depth presentations by theorists and practitioners working in data security, risk management, awareness and legal.

Concrete solutions and best practices to protect your business

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructures such as energy or water utilities, the railroad or road network and other operators of critical infrastructures such as telecommunications providers or health care providers do not only have the potential to bring down an economy but also endanger millions of lives. In its Theme World Critical Infrastructures, Command Control 2018 therefore offered CXOs and cyber security specialists concrete solutions, ideas and best practices on how to best protect your company against attacks and build resilient security structures especially for critical infrastructures.

The Theme World Critical Infrastructures dealed with the following questions

  • How can comprehensive risk management for the protection of critical infrastructures be realized and the domino effect be avoided despite increasingly stronger networking and growing complexity?

  • How can risks and the protection of critical infrastructures be taken into account as early as business development?

  • How can risks and dangers for critical infrastructures be minimized by new types of governance and risk management approaches as well as special crisis management concepts?

  • How can a crisis and emergency organization be established and an effective crisis management with suitable responsibilities be integrated into the daily business cycle?

  • How can a stronger sensitization of critical infrastructure companies and their service providers be achieved?

  • Which risks must be taken into account in integrated risk management?

  • Which challenges do the European NIS directive and the German IT security laws hold for operators of critical infrastructures?

Lectures and discussions: IT security of banks, public administration, transport and more

The Critical Infrastructures Theme World at Command Control 2018 was reflected in some of the presentations and discussions of the excellent summit agenda including:

  • Goerge Campell, one of the most renowned security experts worldwide will explain in his presentation “The Mission is not Cybersecurity it´s Enterprise Security” what are the decisive factors regarding the protection of critical infrastructures.
  • Terry Halvorsen (former CIO of the US Department of Defense and current Samsung CIO) will talk about “Solution Sessions for Critical Infrastructures”.
  • Prof. Timo Kob (professor for cyber security and CEO) will review three years of IT Security Act and provides an outlook into the future.
  • Peter Hacker, co-founder of Distinction Global, an independent monitoring initiative for cyber risks, informs in his keynote Cyber Security—Integrated Risk Management Response about lessons learned and options for action in case of cyber attacks.
  • In his keynote “Cyber-Risk-Oversight—Leading Practices” the highly decorated and internationally influential security expert Larry Clinton provides insight into the security strategies of leading global companies.
  • Domenic Atonucci, Head of Security at one of the largest private companies in Saudi Arabia, will illustrate top management roles and responsibilities in his keynote “How can a cyber risk maturity model drive the C-Suite agenda”.
  • Ivona Matas will point out how to best design and lead risk management workshops taking Security Spot as an example. The certified psychologist carries out, among other things, depth-psychological security effect analyses.
  • In the “Panel Awareness Success Stories” experts from BMW, E.ON and Berliner Wasserbetriebe report about successful awareness campaigns in their own and in other companies.

The questions surrounding Critical Infrastructures were naturally assume an important role in the 30 or more other presentations and discussions at Command Control 2018. In the Data Protection Theme World they were examined from different perspectives and be interpreted for different roles within a company: CEOs, CIOs, CDOS, CROs, CSOs, CISOs, HR and Marketing Managers as well as Heads of Legal Departments. They were informed comprehensively and specific to their roles in the Critical Infrastructures Theme World.