Digital Factory: Data security, risk management, industry 4.0, robotics and artificial intelligence

Theme Digital Factory

Visitors to the Digital Factory Theme World at the Cyber Security Summit Command Control from September 20 to 22, 2018 in Munich had the opportunity to listen to keynote speeches by international progressive thinkers, high-caliber best practice panels, exciting podium discussions and in-depth presentations by theorists and practitioners working in data security, risk management, industry 4.0, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Digital transformation and networking of all economic sectors

For networked production, the strong industrial location Germany is particularly predestined. It is not without reasons that the term “industry 4.0”, which is now also used commonly around the world, was first coined here. The digital factory does, however, require a lot more cyber security than an analog factory. Attacks and data loss can wreak havoc if no suitable protection is in place. For digital transformation and interconnection of all economic areas, we require basic knowledge of networked cyber security and integrated risk management along the entire value-added chain.

For this reason, the Digital Factory Theme World deals with the following

  • How can we, despite a high degree of networking and data exchange, close security gaps in digital factories?

  • Which strategies are required for a future-oriented technology and location policy in the area of cyber security?

  • Which cyber threats do particularly digital factories face?

  • What are the benefits of an integrated risk management that ensures that cyber-physical machines can be protected from attacks as well?

  • What must machine and equipment engineering do to design their digitally-expanded systems with a high degree of cyber resilience?

The Digital Factory Theme World at Command Control were reflected in some of the presentations and discussions of the excellent summit agenda including:

  • In the panel discussion “Robotics meets KI”, Dominik Bösel, VP Innovation and Technology Management at robot manufacturer Kuka und KI, and cyber security consultant Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach will talk about cyber security in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • Rob Norris (Head of Enterprise and Cyber Security at Fujitsu in EMEIA) in his presentation “Securing Digital Identities” will ask the questions “How do we know which device we can trust?” or “How do they interact with humans?”. He shares in a joint discussion Fujitsu’s experiences and how the company prepares its customers and employees for the digital future.
  • Eugene Kaspersky (CEO and visionary) discusses the topic “Future of Digital Trust” on the main stage.

The questions surrounding Digital Factory were also naturally assume an important role in the 30 or more other presentations and discussions at Command Control 2018. In the Data Protection Theme World they were examined from different perspectives and be interpreted for different roles within a company: CEOs, CIOs, CDOS, CROs, CSOs, CISOs, HR and Production Managers as well as Heads of Legal Departments. They were all be informed comprehensively and specific to their roles in the Digital Factory Theme World.